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Monday, November 13, 2006

The State of Virginia: one-step-up, two-steps back

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Title: The State of Virginia: one-step-up, two-steps back
It is with great interest, to note, that the now infamous state
of Virginia took one-step-up for politics, but two-steps back
in support of individual equal rights, part of our Constitution.
While the November 7-th election may have signaled a new
direction in the nation's Congressional leadership, states still
managed to pass amendments, that limit an individuals right
to enter into one type of civil partnership. After all, marriage
is a business of sorts, or a contract between two people. It is
also a legal safe-haven for many types of spousal abuse and
questionable treatment of children. But, by God – traditional
states – along with the morally and righteously angry voters,
tacked onto their state constitution a decreed that was doom
in itself – during the historical period of this country – 1864.
Yes folks – that period where states were not united, and all
that weren't just watching – were at war. Brother vs. brother.
Our United States Constitution is a beloved document, sealed
with the blood of our forefathers – as well as our foremothers.
Our greater-grandparents if you will. If not, our leaders & our
founders. While many mistakes were made – many have been
repaid. While others still sit – waiting to be paid. Nonetheless,
the important role that women played from that first-step until
that first vote – women were only allowed to watch, no voting
rights until an amendment came along, granting such privilege.
Despite all citizens being created as equal. Today, like then, we
still hear that the Bible preaches that some, are more equal, than
others. Which I understand to be their principle of conservatism.
Likewise, at this time, it is interesting to note that our incoming
Speaker of the House, proposed the olive-branch of debate toward
our President – in order to bridge, some of the nation's differences.
Which brings us to this point, with all due respect, Ms. Speaker, if
bona fide debate were possible with this individual President, Iraq
would not be the primary issue of our day. Debating a bush, is not
unlike debating a door. While a door will open, if unlocked, a bush
will never move. Instead, it will only die and wilt from lack of rain.
In closing, no church is lawfully mandated to so-called "marry" any
particular individuals. Likewise, most, if not all, of those states that
went along with the conservative "anti" amendments, likely already
had laws that prohibited, as well as, regulated "same sex marriages."
All of which and at the end of the day – was conservatives hell-bent
on weakening our Constitution & dividing these United States. Not
unlike those during the pre-Civil War period of the late 1800's. That
is, I surmise, why a Hollywood-type cowboy could ride into the state
of Virginia, wave around a Confederate flag, a rope and slogans, and
thus become a successfully conservative politician of commonwealth.
The term "commonwealth" is an enduring term brought over by some
of our colonial fore-fathers & fore-mothers. Understood by – founders
to have been born out-of a peasant rebellion where a king lost his head.
Interesting enough, as it still appears interesting, that king was George.
So with that said, or blogged, Democracy worked, no blood was shred.
Now ye peasant of commonwealth rescues the name, re: Patrick Henry.
Sidebar: It appears that even during colonial-times Virginia was divided
by a difference of citizen opinion. That tradition continues even today in
the results of the recent Senate election. However – during the Civil War
period – Va., became physically divided which resulted in West Virginia.
"On the 17th of April, 1861, the people of Virginia, in general
convention assembled, adopted an ordinance by which it was
intended to withdraw [-] Virginia from the union of the states.
From this action a considerable portion of the people of Virginia
dissented, and organized a separate government which was known
and recognized [----] by the government of the United States as the
('restored state of Virginia,') and will be hereafter referred to in this
bill as the ('restored state.') Re: United States Supreme Court case,
re: "Commonwealth of Virginia vs. State of West Virginia" (1907)
Generally, Va., believed W.Va., owed pre-war road-bond monies
and thus legislated a bill – which ended up as another state battle.
Presently, the western part of Virginia shares many of the same
mountain ranges & economic conditions, as well as, the weather
with the southern parts of West Virginia. While northern areas in
Virginia have a coastal climate, with flatlands between. Some of
the blue-voters of northern Va., may enjoy visiting their ancestral
roots in southwestern Virginia. Many trailed west through S. W.,
on their way to the California coast. Some stopped, others stayed.