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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bush's version of democracy - less democratic rights

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Title: Bush's version of democracy - less democratic rights
In today's dry climate, when it rains it usually means bullets
and bombs – not water. Bush's illegitimate presidency, born
out of political fraud & greed rather than legitimate mandate
of real voter counts, thus becomes the god of all the thunder,
and of all the raining. Further, Bush's version of democracy,
doesn't have anything to do with democracy and democratic
rights. Quite the opposite. Democracy is a real & valid point.
A point at which the people have a choice, and a confidence
in that choice. One that can be validated from both sides, or
all angles. Both front and back. Bush's 2000 election cannot
stand even this simplest of tests. Neither can the 2002 either.
And certainly not the 2004. Hardly anything, now, assures a
different kind of election for this upcoming 2006 vote-spree.
Just a 100 days, or less, away. Despite an over-whelming id
of voter swell against Republican candidates this fall, RNC
officials confidently express, no doubts, in retaining control
of both the House and Senate. And why not, since nothing's
been repaired since 2000, 2002, or 2004; they likely will be,
once again, the winners of all their false fruits of democracy.
Common sense tells us – without a paper trail to count, they
can continue to prostitute Bush's version of democracy here
in the United States. While exporting it to Afghanistan, Iraq,
and now to Lebanon, via unbridled support of Israeli bombs.
Neither of which - has anything to do with democratic rights.
Terror is a criminal problem -- it cannot be resolved with just
a pre-emptive agenda that allows any country a whim to start
a war. Especially with a non-existent country, non-uniformed
soldiers. Who appear volunteers out of faith or poverty, rather
than as paid mercenaries fighting for any cause. Bush's army,
some on their third tour, have in some respects, become mode
mercenaries, fighting for pay or benefits. For a false cause not
a patriot one. A cause built on a false and misleading premise,
not one of true self-defense, or one of true democratic reasons.
For example, applying the Israel-Lebanon logic of controlling
borders – to the United States-Mexico, Canada would be okay
in sending troops, or tanks – or planes - to our southern border
states, in-order to protect Canadian national security, since we
have not be able to, and if, Canada thus deemed that we've had
ample time to do so. After-all, under Bush logic, Canada could
be the real destination, for illegally coming to North American.
Likewise, we position, Sept. 11, 2001, needed Bush in the W.H.
and not as governor in Texas guarding the Alamo, or the border.
Furthermore "gravity" did not make those two-towers fall down
by some imagined pan-caking effect - as the commission would
have us now believe. After complaining that this administration
was not providing fully to the commission's requested materials,
the commission accepted a compromise, of limited-information,
and then wrote a report based mainly on, so-called factual news
reports. Something that's been expected to have historical merit.
Now we know the Pentagon has mislead us on Iraq. Likewise it
did not report correctly to the 9-11 commission about when the
order was given to launch planes, or shoot a plane down. Again
this information like Iraq, has been revealed years after-the-fact.
Of course - all this public domain information is still being held
under some form, or fashioned national security protected paper.
Cleverly protecting guilty parties? Anything Duke Cunningham?
"Is there a relationship between the bombing of Lebanon and the
inauguration of the World's largest strategic pipeline, which will
channel ... a million barrels of oil a day to Western markets? [...]"
Read this post titled, "The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil"
by Michel Chossudovsky, July 26, 2006 – via .
link to URL for complete article detailing, perceived, relationship:
Tonite we learn how much Bush's war has changed politics for
both political parties. Likely, Joe Liberman (D) of Connecticut
will lose in his incumbent primary-bid to run for his re-election
in this November's congressional elections. The importance of
the deceptive practices of this administration's false war predict
have come full circle. Now it appears, members of both parties
will suffer election liability for their stepping aside before Iraq.
Just as the entire country has suffered internationally. Soldiers
have suffered greatly, through thousands of deaths & disability.
With no end in sight. Bush keeps saying more of the same with
some senators now voicing token concern, i.e., Senator Warner,
Republican chairman of the defense committee. Civil war is on
every politician's mind, whether or not they're up for re-election
this November. Warner, unfortunately, is not, but Senator Allen,
also of Virginia, is. The "RNC Bush clone" now has 7.7 million in
campaign dollars to secure his majority, paper-less, vote election
in the commonwealth. Making touch-screens the thing that keeps
on giving as Karl Rove is fond of saying. Just not the other party,
as Rove would have had us believe in 2000, 2001, 2002, or 2004.
If Karl's half as smart as advertised, he should be richer than Bill
Gates. After-all both dropped out of college and both like pranks.
Like Fox's Sean Hannity, neither Rove/Gates served any military
time. Nonetheless, my non-service is likewise. Except the Guard
rejected my application for service because of age and conditions.
So now I continue to abide by a civilian oath to protect & defend.
Every person blogs for a different reason...or for a different story.
So, I now blog for freedom, fairness, humor - or for another view.
In a humble effort to route-out a politic of conservative-evildoers.