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Friday, August 04, 2006

Teddy bear: cracking the London Doberman's code

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Title: Teddy bear: cracking the London Doberman's code
Big news reported today, that a London Doberman security
dog had gone ape on the job and destroyed an estimated 900
hundred thousand dollars worth of collectable museum bears.
Barney, the Doberman security dog, was blamed by security
guard, Greg West, as the hound-gone-wild. West claimed to
the press that Barney, "...just went berserk," but West - then
went on to state that he had – nonetheless - "chased" Barney,
a dangerous security dog, and then was even able to wrestle
the "berserk" mutt to the ground. But only after damages to
the most valuable bears in the museum's collection. Noting
that the bear named "Mabel" was a 1909 German made Ted
that once belonged to a boy Elvis - and is valued at $75,000.
We would surmise that any destroyed bear would be difficult
to ID without proper DNA. Could this hoopla be just, in-fact,
a bear-faced lie? Is Barney a fall-guy, oops, fall-dog, in a big
"little-bear" caper? After all, two other bears: a 1910 red bear,
and a 1936 Bobby Bruin were also reported as lost in the mess.
See link to picture:
Now comes the case of the Teddy bear, or cracking the London
Doberman's code. Any first rate security-pup knows that you do
not eat on the job. Especially merchandise you are being paid to
protect, ie, "teddy bears." Also note in the link photo that behind
Barney, aka, "no biscuits," is a "man-sized" Teddy-Bear. Barney
could have gone "berserk" for 24-7 on that large lump of stuffing.
Instead, the museum would now have us believe, Scotland Yard
and Lloyd's of London, that the smaller bears were just right for
a Doberman's nibbling. An animal trained to go for the arm/neck
of an intruder. Here's the Doberman code cracked: Mabel means
"blame" in Doberman code. Mabel was German made, anagram
"German" and you get "manger" – or "Mabel German" – "blame
manger." – or blame man[a]ger. Dogs don't spell too well. Elvis
didn't have a lot of time to help old Barney from the spirit world.
And that folks is worth a fried peanut and banana sandwich for a
great security dog named, Doberman Barney, aka, "Teddy Bear."