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Thursday, August 03, 2006

President - damn my foot's stuck in the Iraq war door

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Title: President - damn my foot's stuck in the Iraq war door
"Tommy-gun" George B's got both feet stuck in the closing
door of Iraq. Add new middle-east heat & Bush's possum is
cooking in Dante's skillet of earth warming. Sorry, the only
thing W.'s got time for is another grand old party fundraiser.
George's buddy, clone, mentor, George Allen needs a ton of
cash, so he won't lose his pie-Senator-post and have to get a
real job. Heaven forbid, clone George, mini-W., should ever
have to 9-to-5 for a paycheck. By appearance, most, if not a
majority of any damage done to this country since 9-11, has
been self-inflicted, by order and decree of decider G. W. B.
Making one wonder - who's side are the Republicans really
on here. Bush's Pandora agenda of preemption has fueled a
middle-east - from long time - just shimmering, to very hot.
(8-3-06) Only made worse, by his co-heartless gang of neo
conic conservative doers. Bush's blundering - worsened by
Cheney's thundering. Both have now, likely, crippled their
version of a "republican" – all the way back to a pre-Newt,
Congress. Newt, recalling, former speaker of the House at
their glory days of Clinton's inquisition. While scolding at
then President Clinton, Newt was having an affair himself.
Newt reportedly, had a fling with one of his teachers while
still a student in high school. An offense, today, that notes
jail-time. Now Newt appears as an "expert" on - Fox news.
Gee, ain't life funny and fair – and truth is always stranger
than fiction. Righteously so. If so, where's all the payback.
Yesterday, during the White House press conference, Bush
spokesman Tony Snow stated that events in the middle east
were getting "better." Tony's office must not have windows
or a TV system. Meanwhile, big-news is reporting a hunch
that Israeli bombing should end in a few "days." Interesting
what we're seeing on the news-tube, appears quite different.
Our feel is that the Israeli-Lebanese problem - will continue
for weeks if not months. Christians may see it on Christmas.