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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Has Israel & Lebanon pushed Iraq to the back burner?

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Title: Has Israel & Lebanon pushed Iraq to the back burner?
Considering things have not been going too-well in Iraq. The
war fatalities, dead - injured - or - disabled, now total in the
hundreds-of-thousands. Yes, Bush's war has multiplied dead
in the hundreds - either directly, or indirectly. By drawing the
neo-conservative line in the sand, literally, this administration
has reaped 100's of times more than anything we suffered on
September 11, 2001. Go figure. The only thing is that no one
in the Bush Administration is suffering. Hardly a connection
in Congress either. Likely none in the Supreme Court. Unless
you call Justice Scalia, stubbing his toe in the dark - suffering.
Now we're witnessing a mini-series version of Bush's "shock
and awe" by Israel - in it's bombardment of Lebanese people.
One secondary-mission it now appears to have accomplished
is the Israel conflict has pushed Iraq to the back burner. Kind
of gives Bush's grand old party, particularly those running for
re-election, a little break in the daily news cycle. Timing's the
particular interest here. Israel has been in a position to invade
Lebanon for months now. The two kidnappings hardly cover
the entire country of - Lebanon - at the same time. Just helps
take the heat off of, Mr. George W. Bush's party of cronyism.
After all, why should anyone expect any person who hasn't
ever completed any mission in life - previously, to complete
the mission now, that he, himself, has declared as important
to the national security of this country. Do the math George.
Before Bush & Cheney took office, only 35 Americans had
been listed as having been killed by terrorist action. Cheney
and Bush beat that number in their first year in office. "9-11"
multiplied that number by the 1,000's. Then Bush announced
he was Commander-in-Chief, after he sat on his hands in the
Florida classroom, until all the dust had settled in New York.
I would rate the 9-11 commission report a 2, on a scale of 10.
Recently - former governor of Virginia - James Gilmore III,
also George Allen's attorney general – has decided he would
like to be governor of the commonwealth again. Apparently,
to finish bankrupting that state as his mission's uncompleted.
That state under the Allen-Gilmore team was a corporation's
paradise during their bush-wellian style of neo-conservatism.
Under a Gilmore attorney generalship, like Ashcroft, any law
offenses against workers - or stockholders - went unpunished.
Corporation's were free to do as they pleased - as were many
state agencies. Alleged fraud was kept covered under method
of legal technicality. Insuring that evidence was never before
any judge - or that any state agency had to act, responsibility.
As most conservative-cronies in this administration, both are
still working in the public sector – profiting – off of any others.