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Friday, July 28, 2006

Congress & Corruption, and a few more cents an hour

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Title: Congress & Corruption, and a few more cents an hour
Congress is concerned people! How many times during your
lifetime have your heard that expression? Too many, right? I
think - still - and thank the Lord - for the night time - as well.
Therefore, I blog. Without pop-up ads to distract, or pennies
for Google - but not me. By comparison, when Congress has
a thought - it's usually about taking an extended break, or pay
raise for themselves. Exception, you say. Right, when it's time
for an election - or more often, re-election. One of the greatest
persons I know, a person of faith, family & country, with their
small-family-business & conservative-values, believes that all
politicians are corrupt. I was shocked, stunned. Something not
in their framework - more in a bloggers - like me, for example.
Odd, in comparison, I voiced that I didn't agree all politicians
were corrupt -- but conceded --- that many were. This person
didn't waiver -- "they're all corrupt," -- they repeated, having
the last word. So when I heard on the radio - yes - old-school
radio - news that Congress would be considering a few more
pennies-per-hour, for the working men & women, then taking
an extended "non-holiday" break for five-weeks, I had to blog
about it. Too easy - kind of like Dick Cheney, hunting inside a
building with a two barreled-shotgun, you got to hit something.
Or in the news flash's case - hit around the knees of somebody.
Doesn't the majority-party of Republicans, their grand-standing
old party, know that the middle-east is on melt-down? That we
have got a Secretary of State that can't - or won't, do any work,
other than, by appearance. While "real" people are dying on all
sides? During hurricane Katrina - Rice was in NYC - shopping
for shoes. Now she's trying to decide what piece of music she
wants to play for some kind of "stiff-shirt" concert. Jesus, save
us all. Congress should give every working person two-dollars
an hour raise. It would take them less-than one of their working
days - a few hours. Then, a "24-7" hearing on what's gone a rye
with Bush's pre-emptive agenda called - war, in the middle-east.
Then demand that both Rice & Rumsfeld resign and then make
the Bush-Cheney - Inc., corporation-of-power, begin answering
any and all questions, on camera. Not behind closed doors. We
don't have any proof, or evidence, that anything happens behind
closed-doors. Other than lobbying, maybe. Lobby ='s corruption
to the working family of voters now, I suppose. My friend might
be right, after all. Congress will vote a few nickels, then they all
will take a five week break. The middle-east will move to (burn)
on the scale of cooking. Congress will come back enlightened of
a problem "over-there," as the Speaker of the House - might say.
Along with, reelect-me, keep me on the team. Don't cut my pay,
I might have to return back home to cut hay. Opps - cut and run
to the Republican majority means "cut work, to run to the bank."
Too bad they can't cut the cost of war, gas & medicine – and run
all the crooks out-of the House and Senate. But that's too ethical.
After all, the first thing the Bush team did was shut down review
of any & all ethics oversight, or review, kind of a velvet hammer.
Then they rewrote the history of the previous eight-years & have
yet to let any of the general-public, ie., citizens - see the last five.
In closing, the only magic I believe in - is this president's ability
to cleverly hide people and places. Stop - foreign torture prisons.