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Monday, July 24, 2006

Does the Bush administration want an oil embargo?

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Title: Does the Bush administration want an oil embargo?
Nothing I suppose, would make Republicans happier that
an middle-eastern imposed oil-embargo. After the - I told
you so, died to a muted mummer, they could then sign-up
for the GOP golden-key membership that would allow all
of them first place in-line for the new special on six-dollar
a gallon, private club - gas fill-ups. Leaving all the rest of
us poor smucks in their Hummer carbon-dioxide fumes or
sitting by the side of the highway. The road, we might add
that would be far less traveled, under their new declaration
of the next "unforeseeable" national security emergency. I
can only guess that Republicans would then have churches
pretty much to themselves. Since the rest of 'us' would not
be allotted the extra-petroleum for anything other than job'
related activities. Yes madam all the rich would be happier
than others, they certainly could attend church more. Then
that would truly make all Re: 'publicans special. Just like in
the Bible, I suppose. "In my distress I cried unto the Lord,
and he heard me. Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips,
and from a deceitful tongue...I am for peace: but when I
speak, they are for war." (PSALM-120 - verses, 1, 2, & 7)
Does the Bush administration want an oil embargo? Might
be a "sooner, rather than later" type-event - if the bombing
continues much longer in Lebanon. As Bush appears not to
be in any hurry to even request a stop, or a time-out. So all
the rest of the world is left with is a (15") window to events.
Helpless victims, or innocent bystanders, in Bush's scheme
of pre-emptive attacks. Which is worsening daily in all Iraq.
Not to mention unfinished, Afghanistan. Remembering that
those sophisticated precision guided stealth aircraft still need
gas and oil to operate. Note the Chinese have all the Ukraine
surplus bought up for the next six-years and South American
supplies might suddenly dry-up, or become very costly here.
But there's no need to worry. Those Republicans have money
to burn. Might make a new realism show, called, "Watch the
Rich People race their Hummers across country." Hosted by,
you guessed it, California recall governor, Arnold with guest
commercials by GOP congressmen & women. In that order...