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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Who put Israel between Iraq and the clerical order?

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Title: Who put Israel between Iraq and the clerical order?
"Many have made a trade of delusions and false miracles,
deceiving the stupid multitude." – Leonardo da Vinci (i)

US President George Bush, just yesterday, invoked his
religious agenda before the NAACP. His first speech to
that group since taking office in 2000. Noting this Bush
has met yearly with the Catholic cleric-community, and
has rumored family ties to political-religious Sun Moon.
Formerly a native of Korea, now living in the U.S., with
ties to the conservative Christian broadcast networks. As
with members that generally donate, or vote, Republican.
Of which this President is a member & bearer of the way.
Not since March of 2003, and Bush's decidedly (self-use)
of misleading information – a "transmogrification" – set
out the way to 'inflame the middle-east against the State
of Israel. So where do Christians sit on their crucifixion of
a Bush like church. Maybe as the Helen, trapped in Troy.
Trojan as this administration may appear, on face – Rice
as now Secretary of State, will travel to just Arab regions
first and then visit with Israel. Delaying their talk, weeks.
Religious conservative TV host - Pat Robinson - recently
received a "thank-you" letter from the Israeli community
for his "strong" self-defense stance. Like Bush, against a
perceived global threat against differing peoples' of faith.
Along with the memo, Israelis sent Pat a green-felt troop
cap. Robinson appeared surprised at the gift - or amused
enough to quickly return it to it's shipping box & clearly
uncomfortable with touching the military-cap. All while
he continued to preach to the Jewish community to fight
on against the millions - now in the radical conservative
Arabic communities. Some once funded by U.S.-CIA aid,
conservative political leadership, or conservative church
clerics. Either through missionaries, donations or lobbies.
Kind of reminiscent of General George Custer's Seventh
Calvary, or Commander-in-Chief Geo. W. Bush's "9-11"
alamo in 2001. Questions that remain with Constantine
throughout history, then inquisition, now as-with gospel.
Regarding, "Nag Hammadi" and the "Dead Sea scrolls."
"And Levi answered, ("Peter, you have always been hot
tempered. [----] Now I see you contending
Sangreal, sang real, save the rose chalice.
Who put Israel between Iraq and the clerical order? Bush
shouldn't be a first choice for backup in any tuff situation.
That approach appears to-be a day-late, or a dollar-short.
Predisposed by a conservative Protestant position - Bible,
and history nonetheless. Factor in dubious military career
and the incomplete service to the U.S. National Guard, or
decisions still forthcoming concerning Iraq, and bingo, you
have a receipt for a disaster. Guess who's the clay pigeon,
regarding, "Nag Hammadi" and those "Dead Sea scrolls."

(i) "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown, Chapter—55 at
page – 231 – printed by Random House Inc., April 2003.


The President donates his one-hour to the NAACP

we blog rain, parks, laws, orders, war, peace and others
Title: The President donates his one-hour to the NAACP
This President Bush, fresh back from his unproductive
G8-summit, appeared at the NAACP to praise Lincoln.
Praise he did almost back to the days of Roman empire.
George Bush came sliding into the meeting like a dude
in a scurry-away-from-bar, drunk with spirits, while he
skidded his long-dark limousine right into the left curb
then jerking back, sideways, crossing backwards to the
right lane. Hell – NASCAR - would have been proud of
that tidbit of southerly driving. Riding on that freedom
train, high on his mouthful of Master Rove's novocaine.
Thus the President donated his one-hour to the NAACP.
For which we do hold all of his truths to be self-evident,
or otherwise. Separation of the fog between our country
or the strength of all of our different faiths. Civil, right?