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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fighting the war against Presidential "potty-mouth"

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Title: Fighting the war against Presidential "potty-mouth"
Yes folks, something more deadly than any other terror
has invaded our fearless leader, our Great Decider. The
anti-virus, "G-8" or laymen's-term, Presidential "potty
mouth." Constipated George pulled-out the gas and let
the U.N. have it out of both sides of his pie-hole during
his recent European vacation and name-calling contest.
Some discussion was recorded regarding trade & terror
issues, but most were "expletive deleted." Bush was at
his boring best and almost managed to totally dismiss
the bombing of Lebanon, as a friendly "pizza" delivery
by the Israeli army. During Bush's post-lunch & desert
dinner - Tony Blair inquired to Bush for a comment on
matters other than tabled to Bush's plate. Bush ripped
the Prime Minister with a few choice expletives, which
managed to color everything from New York to France.
The only thing that Tony Blair was able to muster was,
a memo to himself, for little less salt at the next summit.
Note to CDC, treatment for "G-8 (PpM)" may require a
dose of doctor Bush's home remedy "Medicare-part-D."
If that won't work, stand on head & have foot removed.
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