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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Reprint, "Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JFJFP)"

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Title: Reprint, "Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JFJFP)"
World Tensions
What concerns us at this point and time is the use of Bush's
pre-emptive agenda, or the labeling of everything terrorism.
It's troubling, to say the least, to see some powerful people
in Israel now speaking the same misleading language. Further, it
is disconcerting to see other, likewise criminals, on the opposing
side – taking advantage, or exploiting a very bad, or a worsening
situation. The people that always pay are all the innocent civilians
caught in the middle of a thousand year old power struggle. Both
in Iraqi, and now in the rest of the middle-east. We all pay, either
directly, or indirectly. Even Bush. Even Israel. Even Palestine to.
In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, and in the
name of the Holy Spirit. Amen and amend if not today, when?
The following is a reprint of a letter posted by the Global
Research web-site group ( with
the post title, "Congress must hold Israel Accountable for
violating US law" - written by a Mr. Michael Carmichael.
Apparently posted "July 12, 2006" by
and as dated, "8th July 2006" by Mr. Michael Carmichael.
The entire text is quoted, with notations added by brackets
and quotation marks ("previous quoting") URL link at end.
Start of Mr. Michael Carmichael's letter to the following,
"Dear (Senator Dole, Senator Burr & Congressman Miller,)"
Noting, it is our impression that the first Senator listed is
Elizabeth Dole, Republican Senator from North Carolina.
"Two days ago, a highly respected British organization, Jews for
Justice for Palestinians (JFJFP), ran a full page advertisement in
the Times of London, starkly asking,
The JFJFP advertisement is direct evidence that the actions of the
government of Israel to punish the Palestinian people collectively
is not supported by a substantial proportion of the Jewish community.
Accordingly, 300 of Europe's most prominent Jewish intellectuals
signed the JFJFP advertisement.
JFJFP stated, ("We watch with horror the collective punishment
of the people of Gaza. Everything reasonable must be done to
secure Corporal Gilad Shalit's safe release, but nothing Israel is
doing contributes to that aim. Instead, it is using its enormously
superior military might to terrorise [sic] an entire people.")
As members of the US Congress, you will surely know the origin
of many of the weapons used by Israel in the systematic killings
of civilians and the destruction of civilian infrastructure in Gaza.
As you well know, Israel is using weapons provided by the United
States to target Palestinian civilians and civilian infrastructure in the
Gaza Strip in flagrant violation of the U.S. Arms Export Control Act
and the Geneva Conventions. I [Michael Carmichael, ] respectfully
request that you use the powers of your good office [above, ] to hold
Israel accountable for violating U.S. law by cutting off military aid to
Israel as required by law.
Israeli air force fighter squadrons are composed of Lockheed Martin
F-16 Fighting Falcons and Boeing F-15's, which fire U.S.-manufactured
AMRAAM, Sidewinder, and Sparrow missiles. In the past two years,
the United States licensed to Israel at least $1.062 billion of spare parts,
engines, and missiles for its F-15 and F-16 fighter planes. (1) [footnote]
Israel's month of killing civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure
in the Gaza Strip, highlighted below, is a clear reminder that Israel
remains the occupying power of the Gaza Strip despite last year's
("unilateral disengagement.")
Living under military occupation, the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip
are ("protected persons") under the terms of the Geneva Conventions.
Israel's attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip
are a violation of the Geneva Conventions. These Israeli attacks against
civilian targets constitute war crimes.
In addition, by using US-supplied weapons to commit these atrocities,
Israel is violating the terms of the U.S. Arms Export Control Act and
Foreign Assistance Act. The Arms Export Control Act restricts the
use of U.S. weapons to legitimate self-defense and internal policing.
From a legal standpoint, U.S. weapons cannot be used to attack civilians
in offensive operations. The Foreign Assistance Act prohibits U.S. aid of
any kind to a country with a pattern of gross human rights violations –
yet Israel has received more US aid than any other nation on our planet.
* On June 9th, Israel shelled a beach in Beit Lahiya killing 8 civilian
and injuring 32. At the site of the killing, Human Rights Watch found
evidence of a 155mm artillery shell consistent with those fired from an
Israeli M-109 Self-Propelled Artillery. Between 2000-2005, the United
States licensed to Israel $69,163 worth of M-109 spare parts and 155mm
artillery shells. (1) [footnote – below]
* On June 13th, Israeli aircraft fired missiles at a van in an
extrajudicial killing of two Palestinians in Gaza City.
A second barrage of missiles fired shortly afterward killed nine
Palestinian bystanders.
* On June 20th, Israeli aircraft fired at least one missile at a car in
another attempted extrajudicial killing on a road between Jabalya
and Gaza City.
The missile missed its intended target and killed three Palestinian
children and wounded 15 - a flagrant atrocity.
* On June 27th, Israel launched a massive invasion of the Gaza Strip.
Israeli aircraft fired missiles targeting civilian infrastructure.
In illegal acts of collective punishment, Israel demolished three key
bridges, the Gaza Strip's only electricity generation plant, the
five-story Interior Ministry building in Gaza City and part of a
university and a school, thereby endangering Palestinian human rights
to food, water, health, electricity, education, and freedom of movement.
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert openly admitted that the purpose of
these measures is to ("apply pressure") to the civilian population of the
Gaza Strip.
* On June 29th, Israel arrested and detained 64 Palestinian Authority
cabinet ministers and members of the Palestinian Legislative Council.
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert reportedly said in a closed meeting,
("They want prisoners released? We'll release these detainees in
exchange for Shalit.")
The arrested Hamas government officials were democratically elected
to govern the Palestinian territories in January, and their arrest and
targetting [sic] can be considered a reprisal against civilians, which is
strictly forbidden under the Geneva Conventions.
I [Michael Carmichael, ] respectfully submit that - in the commission
of these flagrant violations of US and international law - Israel is now
acting as a rogue state engaged in the perpetration of state-sponsored
terror against an occupied people who are living under its protective
authority and totally reliant on it for their security. These criminal acts
are unfolding in direct and systematic violation of their human rights.
Therefore, appropriate action should be taken by Congress as promptly
as possible.
Thank you for your assistance with this request to hold the state of
Israel accountable for egregious violations of US law."
Michael Carmichael [-]127 New Bern Avenue [-] Raleigh, NC 27601
[Footnote referenced above]
"(1) Statistics for U.S. weapons licensed to Israel are compiled from
the State Department's annual report to Congress pursuant to Sec. 655
of the Foreign Assistance Act."
"Michael Carmichael [-] Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
[-] The Planetary Movement [-] Oxford [-] United Kingdom"
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