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Friday, July 14, 2006

World Tensions, U.S. Security, GOP Token Hiring

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Title: World Tensions, U.S. Security, GOP Token Hiring
World Tensions
It now appears that the entire world is in one heated battle
or another. Past, or prolonged, differences have now pitted
country against neighbor – faith against religion – with no
end in sight. Making the Bush administration's folly in Iraq
fade to the back-burner of the big news cycle. Good for PR
purposes, politically, for all of the heat the administrations
be taken lately. The terror war now appears to be economy
wars. Batting over lands, territories & resources. Le pirate?
U.S. Security
In the vain of "reach-out-and-touch-someone" phone calling,
the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will soon have a
contact path, or location, for every domestic cell-phone user
and-or a posting to your particular computer's web-site. The
department is revising an old "cold-war" method of warning
for a national emergency. Big news print reported that "ping"
type alerts; noted, "Anything that can receive a text message
will receive the message," according to a FEMA spokesman.
Remember the color coded "warning-system" of post 9-11 or
the previous advice of Homeland Security, where you "duct-
tape & roll" – then run and hide? "Ping" is a form of sonar, so
why are the NSA & White House the only ones smiling now?
GOP Token Hiring
Who would have thought that the GOP had feelings for closet
quotas? Today it was noted in political news that Republicans
had placed into an earlier defense spending bill allowing token
preference to a veteran over an equally qualified non-veteran in
federal job applications. Maybe non-veterans can get Pentagon
jobs, pensions, insurance, education payments and equal rights?
Robert "Bob" Novak
Conservative commentary columnist ventured back to the lime
light today, with his unsupported claim that his "source" on the
covert CIA agent "outing" was someone outside of this (White
House) - "not a political operative," were his words to the press.
Does that mean Bob Novak and Karl Rove had a meeting at the
infamous Watergate? Possibly as they were strolling through the
parking garage? I guess a social fund raiser, could be called non
political. After all it's more about money...small talk, right Bob?
[Update: Bob has stated "Rove" was the guy & the Wilson's
have just filed a civil-suit in U.S. District Ct., naming the V.P.,
Karl Rove, I. "Scooter" Libby (among others) for placing them
and their family in-danger as a result of their unlawful action.]
Economically Speaking
Good news on the economy. The US only needs $296 billion to
balance the federal budget debt this fiscal year. The plan to cut,
taxes (reduce the amount of incoming revenue) was sighted by
the President as the reason why. He appeared pleased with it all.
"...Rain on the George, he's got it..."
Proving once again, that truth is in reality, stranger than fiction.

Why is GOP compromising U.S. election security?

we blog rain, parks, laws, orders, war, peace and others
Title: Why is GOP compromising U.S. election security?
Since the turning of the calendar in year 2000, many have
been asking this question. Why is the "Grand Old Party,"
compromising United States election security? First of all,
there's no need to request any direct answer from big news
or the head of the Republican National Committee. Likely,
all said, the Bush "word-of-the-month," is "absurd" and we
would be remiss to think that any other descriptive, would
be issued to a blogger's commentary. More likely nothing,
would be given other than a laugh, or a sneer. Nonetheless,
either of the later would, in-itself, be a "telling" response to
our national security question, now our concern for a secure
and fair election to be held this November. Not asking more
than a free & democratic people already expect to be lawful,
meaning, "given" or "guaranteed." After all, "Independence"
was declared in 1776, which we just celebrated, right? First,
to those that will automatically declare this "opinion," to-be,
the "arm" of another "party." Sorry Charlie - but we're not a
pasty in that game. If the "crap-pola" sticks to one side more
than the other, "too-bad," clean up your party-act. We'll raise
the "white-flag." After all, "Independent" is still a party, even
though "big-news" and the "two-nationals" would just wish it
away, or have you believe otherwise. Just ask "Joe Liberman"
if an independent candidate, has a chance in a Senatorial race.
Same goes for someone like an "Albert Gore." The two-party
process is not working now. Especially, when one party grabs
the election out of the "victory-hands" of the winner. As GOP
candidates appear to have been doing. There is proof, but spin
always wins out in the "corporate" news-rooms. Like "Enron,"
corporate-news defies logic, commonsense, and/or any ethical
standards in current reporting. News is no longer independent,
nor is it owned by local news reporters. Big, once better, now's
the bane of a daily spin-cycle, lobbied by the largest advertiser
or "political-party" in control of the FCC licenses & ownership
rights. Don't believe it? Try turning-off your television-set just
a week. It's like a breath of fresh-air from a newly fallen snow.
Trying reading news. Find those non-main stream sources. Go
to other links on the internet. Then try independent "links" on
the cable, or satellite, stations – if you must. Don't watch those
that have a thousand or so, "food commercials" each and every
24-hour news cycle. All you'll learn there, is how to over-eat or
gain too-much weight. Drop-la-Fox is our a la carte. Fog is all
they appear to be about. Not to mention keeping "Republicans"
in the majority, even though the GOP's just a minority of voters.
The first "tell-tale" that something was amiss, was in 2000. Fox
started the "drum-beat" that Bush had "won" in Florida. It didn't
end until the White House. When Fox broadcast that the first TV
turned on, by the new Bush administration, was tuned-in to Fox.
Interesting kind of payback, in corporate advertising it would be
called, "priceless." But the price was big, and a security problem.
The first "direct" result of their "folly" showed-up on September
11, 2001. Again, everyone before the present administration was
"blamed" for this administration being "asleep" on their national
security watch. But were they? Every indication was contrary, to
standing US national security directives, intelligence or practices.
In other words, our national security play-book was tossed in the
trash and Bush-Cheney Incorporated wrote a new one. Rumsfeld
put it in to action, not unlike his past visit with Saddam, where-as
then American president, Mr. Ronald Reagan, fully supported the
"use-of-gas" in the Iraq-Iran war. Even providing material now as
the "evidence" currently "alleged" in the present Iraqi "war-trials."
A complete reversal, of sorts. Except we still have "star-wars" the
massive, and expensive, anti-ballistic missile system. Continuing
to be "developed," as the administration says. No end in funding,
it appears. However, just ask for a voting-system machine that is
verified with a piece of - paper. All you hear from Republicans is
that it's too-costly, or worse, unnecessary. Just ask one of them to
shop at any retail-outlet, or internet-store, without a "receipt" and
you'll understand their double-standard, very quickly. Know what
I mean, is the common phrase, I suppose now. Not supporting the
renewal of the Voting Rights Act - is another indication of lacking
concern for national voter security. For example, under that 1960's
law – both Ohio and Florida, could now be added, as to "irregular"
voting conditions. Not to mention "refusing," or "blocking," voters
trying to cast just "one-ballet." Something this administration brags
about as having occurred in Iraq, but ignores, or blocks, in the U.S.
Meanwhile Bush, the self-appointed fence-mender, has once again
left the national security-gate open. Today it's in Iraq, with the war.
Saddam was a primary threat to hundreds of Iraqis. Now thousands
more live in daily, if-not constant, fear under the Bush "liberation."
With "thugs" free to roam all the streets of Iraq, maiming & killing
at will. As new government prime ministers just request more calm.
Adding to all of this mayhem, is a US military leadership frozen in
the headlights – with no end in sight. Worsened only by rouge men
of the US uniform, who themselves, torture & rape private citizens.
How does this establish a more democratic presence, in the middle
east? Appears to be just more of the same old "historical-toll" cost,
the price paid when you take a "wrong-turn" off of freedom's road.
"The best way to win a war, is not to start it." -- "The Art of War."
"We do not inherit
the earth from our Ancestors,
we borrow it from our Children."
------------------------------------------------- Native American Proverb
"Free the mind and it will free all people, all nations and the world.
If not today then when, tomorrow is never. After today, may be too
late, if you wait, free yourself from clutter & contempt." dee proust.
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