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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Speaker of the House Hastert (quids) his own (pro quo)

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Title: Speaker of the House Hastert quids his own pro quo
Yesterdays big news print presented an unlikely defense for
Speaker of the House Hastert, (R-Ill.) continuing massing of
personal wealth, while he's on the people's (taxpayer's) JOB.
D. Hastert is now listed as having a net worth of six-million in
American dollars. Probably, though, none of located in banks
with a U.S. domain? Does anybody know a Swiss timepiece
to call for international banking? How about SWIFT? Would
they know? Maybe the Bush converted NSA could detail Mr.
Hastert's congressional banking records? Like the FBI did for
that other congressman from down in New Orleans. Guessing
a goose is not a gander, if you're flying the grand old party flag.
Speaker of the House Hastert quids his own pro quo with his
approval of a hidden "insert" buried in the GOP's recent $207
million dollar federal transportation funding bill. Hastert owned
land that appreciated in value due to that "insert." Bush signed
off on the bill, as well as the majority of the Republicans - also.
Could be time for an independent oversight board, nonpartisan
citizen approved review board - to research oversight for all of
the three-branches of government. None appear willing to have
any kind of self-policing of their conduct. Judges not excluded.
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