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Thursday, July 06, 2006

American's shame, plight of U.S. homeless veterans

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Title: American's shame, plight of U.S. homeless veterans
By the rockets red glare, the North Koreans celebrating no
care, and the fireworks exploding in air – Americans of all
walks of life, all across this country, gathered for July 4-th
festivities and homecoming barbecues. All that is, except a
new class of United States citizens -- American's homeless
veterans. Now estimated to be around 200,000 --- numbers
provided by government departmental estimates for current
veterans living without homes of their own. Many in parks,
or along the byways and streets, all across this great society.
Meanwhile the President rallied troops at Fort Bragg, N.C.,
appeasing his ego, and waxing over the 2500 soldiers whom
have died in Iraq since March of 2003. Bush quote, "On this
day when we give thanks for our freedom,...also give thanks
to the men and women who make our freedom possible." No
mention of the 10-to-20 thousand homeless veterans of either
the 1991 Gulf war or the continuing Iraqi war on terror-tribes.
"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process
he does not become a monster. []And when you look into an
abyss, the abyss also looks into you." (quote from Nietzsche)
Looking back, now, at September 11-th, 2001. Thousands of
unsuspecting citizens died that day for reasons even now, still
remain under the classification and care of this administration.
Sad but, true. That the whole truth - and nothing but the truth,
of that fateful day – stills resides in the files, or minds, of one
office file-room, chartered under the guise of national security.
Nonetheless, the near exact cost of ("9-11"), in terms of dollars
and cents, is known to have been precisely estimated in pennies.
Making one wonder, if this so-called, (post "9-11" correction)
(the agenda of "preemptive war" on terror) has now exceeded,
or at least equaled, in-terms of the thousands of lives lost on
September 11th, 2001. Not to mention the billions of dollars
now spent, or mortgaged, for Bush's preemptive agenda plan.
Leaving us all now, to a mission against ever-increasing odds
not to mention - decreasing funds, or dollars & military sense.
While this Commander-in-Chief, a former part-time National
Guard trainee, allows his Generals unlimited-fooling-about in
Iraqi. Even as the favorable-odds, decrease & those toll costs
increase, with every and every death. Plus each & every cent.
All the while the "cold-war" states, now become the reheated.
Does that mean the world is not enough - in terms of mission
to-be-announced, at a later time and place? RSVP to K. Rove,
the new, re-heater, of all those simmering, cold-war countries.
Thanks-a-lot Karl, don't spend all those rubles in one place on
the next Moscow visit..."back in the US, back in the USSR...".