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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Working through the transparent puzzle called Iraq

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Title: Working through the transparent puzzle called Iraq
(6/28/06 9:44:04 AM) While in Europe – President Bush
received a tough question from an overseas journalist. He
was asked to comment on a recent poll that indicated that
many Europeans felt that the U.S. & Iraq war posed more
of a threat to them than present day Iran. To which a mod
Bush shagged his reply, "Absurd." Adding, "transparency"
of governments conduct was the rationalizing differences.
In other words procedure apparently becomes the measure
of how great a threat, any country, is to this administration.
Obviously Iran is a dangerous country. It was before 2003
and the, 1-percent, decision to invade neighboring Iraq. We
were told, that despise all United Nations inspections, Iraq
was not being transparent enough. However, when anyone
in this administration is asked, questioned, subpoenaed and
placed under an oath for testimony, more times than not, all
the public gets is answers about as translucent as a concrete
wall. Not to mention, that tree that fell on the White House
lawn – the one pictured on the right-side of a $20 dollar bill.
Where's the quipping Pat Robinson? Does "disaster" equate
this re: 'publican administration, Pat? (is that a no comment)
After all, the Bible rightly speaks often of 'publicans and Pat
knows, being a lawyer, the term, "re:" means, "regarding" in
the practice of law. (filed legal briefs) Regarding 'publicans,
and now working through the transparent puzzle called Iraq.
So you can see how difficult it is for the military to work the
puzzle of Iraq. If you can't see it, then you can't end it. Much
like shadow boxing, we now volunteer. Up - off - your knees,
spit out your gum, welcome to the land of camel dung. Taxes
and batteries are extra. Body armor -- bullets are not included.
Just think, if American troops accidentally blast a hole in old
glory, Hillary Clinton & the Grand Old Party of Republicans
can then lock them up & fine them. That is - if they had their
way on any U.S. flag issue, much less the completion of any
so-called, self-styled mission for war. Sorry H., maybe 2012.
Now back to the clear-blue yonder, mighty-mouse. Transfer
must have been the word Bush was sifting for, rather than a
clear, but contradictory, expression like transparency. Bush
must not regard the withholding of volumes of – documents
regarding his administration of government activities as any
form of required "transparency." In particular, a Democracy.
The singular purpose of labeling anything "classified" is for
the sole purpose of preventing "transparency." Just opposite
of what Bush apparently believes is required under law, and
for an orderly government. Something called a constitutional
form of government. Nonetheless, conservative judges, now
on the Supreme Court, likewise, believe that transparency is
nothing more than a window-blind, to be opened and closed
at their decree of law, and not curtailed by any Bill of Rights
or basic reading of the United States Constitution. 5-to-4 will
be the undoing determination of many hard-fought freedoms
by this newly neo-conservative high court. Some we've seen
already. So much for fourth amendment rights. Good-bye to
voter protection, forget any re-districting equality. Sorry, but
no protection for anyone worth-less than a few million bucks.
Forget about campaign finance restrictions. So long to death
penalty reviews. Scalia continues to foam at the mouth about
no innocent person has every been executed under any court
review. Guessing that would include every state in the union.
(6/28/06 2:27:10 PM) Big sports news, announced that Vice
President Dick Cheney was scheduled to attend the Saturday
night Nascar event, dubbed, the "Pepsi 400" in Daytona, FL.
The big 4th of July event at the Daytona International Speed-
way will host a captive, Republican slanted audience of fans.
So - Cheney will be right at home for his day of thunder. All
things considered, these events are like heaven for a Cheney.
For example, cars with large motors, burning expensive high
octane "leaded-gas," at three-miles a gallon. Adding, carbon
monoxide, without any restrictions, to the air with every lap.
A virtual paradise, where the mere mention of union would
get a man fired from employment, yes-sir-re, a dream event.
Taxpayer money riding big-time, at a million a pop, for car
sponsorship & logos by the Army, Air Force & the National
Guard. Typical race teams require between 10 or 20 million
to be a primary sponsor. The Department of Defense, likely,
writes it off to recruitment but the administration counts the
event, as votes. Not to mention the Air Force "fly-over" that
occurs before every sports racing event. Also taxpayer funds.
However, the flash proposes that Daytona is just a cloak and
dagger event for the stealthy Dick Cheney, and will likely go
on to be a cover-visit with Cheney's old friend R. Limbaugh,
now the subject of some national discourse. The VP might be
concerned about getting some private (blue m & m's) himself,
or at least some first-option stock on the new "Bob Dole" bag,
rumored to be on Rush's future sweat-shop, travel-production,
company, or at least a new DVD of Rush doing, "blue" jokes.
Our unsupported sources imply that all those good ladies got,
was a chance to masause Limbaugh's stiff-neck. That one pill
found missing from a bottle of "30," likely got stuck in Rush's
neck. And unlike Elvis, Rush wasn't able to "rubberneck" his
way out of paying for his room & lady companion. Cheney's
rumored, to have the highest bid for the remaining "29" pills.
After all no evidence means no re-trial, because it's classified.
Note, somebody send Senator Grassley, R-Iowa, a memo that
the IRS is closed due to high water, not funds. He recently put
out a feeler to get the IRS to collect taxes on the "pimp & sex"
business, and their lack of tax payments. Guess that no-tax on
luxury cars was a bad idea, ah, Senator? Besides, what if some
of your fellow party-mates get caught in the "user" cross-hairs?
Guess that wouldn't amount to a hill of beans. Bush could say,
"must have been in the right place, just picked the wrong time."
How about a little more focus on New Orleans and a Gulf Coast
recovery? One of these days, the good people of Iowa may need
a little help from another state south of them. Audit the Pentagon
if you want to find bags and bags – billions – of taxpayer dollars.