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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Future 2016, will the Republicans still have a party?

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Title: Future 2016, will the Republicans still have a party?
(6/27/06 9:33:48 AM) What started as a routine post just a
few days ago - has now turned into a week-long event. The
powers that be, have become – it seems – the powers now
in control of when, where & how you get to post. Not that
all of the bloggers have the same simple, ability to present
their musings directly to the world wide web, much less in
their safe confines of home – comfortable, in their pajamas.
First it was Google, flexing it's corporate muscles, now it is
the local public library flexing it's local political control. Oh
well. All's well, that ends well? Even a monkey can type one
keyboard letter at a time. So here goes nothing - for nobody.
(6/27/2006 10:39:49 AM) Continuing with the flooding that
is actually going on, up and down, the east-coast today. The
New Times article about the administration’s tracking of our
banking records has created quite a stir on the big news. All
is fair in war times, except if you happen to double-cross the
rank of the Bush administration, or the Republican groupies.
Seems that the spin is to ‘draw & quarter’ the New York type
journalist that won’t ‘cow-towel’ to their conservative agenda.
How soon do they forget. Just two years ago, this same paper
with-held important public information for over a year before
bringing it to U.S. voter's attention. Imagine how the election
of '04 could have turned, then - on the fact that Bush-Cheney
were doing domestic spying? Not to mention their method of
avoiding any court or judge. Their excuse, then as now – well
we had a lawyer look at it and tell us it was legal, etc. Hardly a
defense when a public citizen stands up in court and tries any
excuse similar to that one. The DOJ’s political reasoning is not
necessarily correct either. U.S. Attorney General - apparently
will say anything that’s in defense of -- Bush and Cheney, Inc.

(6/21/06 9:11:01 AM) Today's the first day of summer - its
hot here in the states – must be hotter than heck in Baghdad.
Maybe the Vice-President would know - he - seems to be in
a prophetic mode right now. Yesterday, (daddy-war-bucks)
told a big news person that he "predicted that 10-years from
now people will look back at 2005 and say, ("That's when
we began to get a handle on the long-term future of Iraq.")
Revealing choice of words Freud, handle as in a well-pump?
Cheney's forgot his Dylan history - vandals stole the handle,
"ain't gonna work on [Dick]'s farm no more," Hal E. Burton.
Interesting, the flash predicts, instead, that people will look
back from the future, 2016, and say, "What in the hell was
a dick cheney and where did the republicans go when they
became extinct?" Wondering if the grand old party's on it's
"last throes?" They'll coming to your town this November.
One if by land, two if by sea. Hide the women and children.
(6/21/06 11:08:07 PM) "Time has come today," Chambers
Brothers. A tune that was popular when Dick Cheney was
wearing his big-boy pants and running the halls of Nixon's
White House. Now "time" has come again, this time aging
Senator John Warner, (R), VA, counts his time for Senator
John Kerry, (D), MA. Seems like Warner forgot Kerry has
a guitar and counts his time very well. It's not clear if GOP
John plays anything besides the radio, or maybe the kazoo?
The kazoo's not a bad instrument, considering Jimi Hendrix
used a make-shift version in his song, "Crosstown Traffic."
Back to the Senators - and the battle of the Johns. Kerry has
been asking for some kind of exit time-table for U.S. troops
in Iraq - or at least an outline for drawing down the number
of our troops now stationed there – some on their 3-rd year.
Warner, like Bush – like Cheney – like Rumsfeld, says no to
any consideration of anything other than the party line. Kind
of like the heady days of "Sputnik" – comrade Bush-kin-ski?
Anyway, today Warner jumps on his mini-mike to brush-off
Kerry's latest re-request for any of above – as called planning.
With Warner using an expression about, "timing is everything."
Not unlike Jackson Browne saying, "For Everyman," of which
John Warner has no clue about. Kind of like the timing of their
push for the war in Iraq, 2003. So J. W's, time has come today.
All in all, John Kerry's being overly generous. I say today's the
day. Warner says we can't talk about "time," because someone
died in Iraq today. Sorry J. W., 72% believe that's why it's time.