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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

When it rains it pours out political, dogs, like Rove

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Title: When it rains it pours out political, dogs, like Rove
Just last Monday - one political opportunist who goes by
the name Karl Rove – traveled to New Hampshire for the
pre-pre ("2008") presidential primary races. Not to forget
the up and coming November election, where Republican
seats are up for grabs. No we weren't able to attend. Blogs
don't travel, as a rule, or at least this one. Noting that few
is the money that fuels this blog - so Baghdad's not within
the physical travel range, here at least. Besides who wants
to fly with all of the pseudo-security crap, you have to put
up with these days. Don't want to remove my shoes till I'm
in Japan for a visit. Anyway, back to the Rove-races - dog.
Karl's friendly-fussing and semi-politic face-time, or polite
hand ringing was brought to view via the media called as a
c-span. Over the fine & less portals of FCC decency probe.
In retrospect - or retro-estimate, it now appears that Rove's
trip was likely paid for by taxpayer's money. Karl's tie-suit,
his shirt and shoes. Along with his travel tickets and meals?
Guessing, Karl likes to travel upper-class mode of a private
jet - while repaying the American taxpayer to the tune of an
economy class ticket, for any repayment. You see Rove is a
person of opposites. The bane of - "do as I say, not as I do,"
generation of "quitters." Like Republicans and boss George.
Yes sir, when the tough get going, the GOP heads for a side
door out of the way. Leaving their mess for someone else to
clean-up. Karl couldn't finish college, so the RNC hired him
as a (hit-man) for their dirty political tricks. Rove's a-natural
ability has afforded him a place at the table, a nice home and
food upon his plate. Untold money in banks – here and there.
Yes madam voter Mr. Karl Rove lives well in a nice political
fantasy world since the 2000 election spectacle. Elbowing his
slanted & misleading neo-con political philosophy, to benefit
his newest & highest grand old party bud, hee-haw, G. Allen.
This newly cloned, wizard of oz – not to be confused with the
other prince of darkness – ozzy, revered by Rove's boss Bush,
along with little George's big-mama. Karl, oz's Iron Man, thus
made claims to the good people of New Hampshire that didn't
wash true. So what's new. Rove just bends it a little here, puts
a bit of spin there – mixes it all up, until everyone's smiling at
him with their big 'ole checkbooks open real wide. Book him,
Dan-o? Well it looks like Karl's got a lot of influence when it
gets close to jail-time for him, it seems - at least, at the (DOJ.)
No surprise from an attorney who thinks a "30-minute review"
of a death-penalty is up to legal-muster (Texas Gov. standard)
as was the case with this attorney general, when advising Bush.
Speaking of the president, Rove went on to spin to the faithful,
via c-span, that this President Bush - was an early riser & fully
informed of all the current events of the day. In fact, by Rove's
accounting, George W., is fully informed each & every day by
7pm. Something every business leader around this globe must
be equally jealous of. Especially after one speech this president
speaking in his monotone groupings of broken, and incomplete
sentences. But - Karl says he's on top of things - so he must be?
Nonetheless, 54% of Americans don't agree with Bush's ability,
much-less Karl's (rose-colored-glasses) view of present politics.
Independents were the first to doubt Bush in 2002, then in 2004.
Moderate, Republicans now doubt both Rove and Bush at 2006.
Why should New Hampshire Republicans spend anymore capital
stock or dividends, on a party mostly controlled by Southern men
of the neo-con conservative nature? None that we can think of, at
least, under normal standards. Meaning those covered by laws &
not just by party orders, that is. So in that respect -- Rove's cloak
and dagger routine may be soon at a close, and by this November.
That is if Karl doesn't have one more Die Bolt touch-screen trick
up his sleeve, particularly for Senator G. Allen's re-election race,
down in the ole Commonwealth of Virginia. See, ole George has
a real opponent this fall. Hee-haw Allen has already banked $7.5
million dollars for his re-election bid. With millions more likely,
if he should need it. Whereas, Karl & Allen are already banking
on a second win – so George can start running for the 2008 nod.
Talk about, chickens counting chickens. Neither Rove, or Allen,
have any military service history. Both, were first to back Bush,
in his push-to-war in Iraq. Now - anywhere that he may go next,
and they still fully support, Bush's (stay-the-course) train wreck
policy of sweat-for-Iraq till the military, or the Iraqi's, say leave.
A stupid policy, at best, now a failed policy at worst. This week
marked the 2,501st American troop killed in action in Iraq. With
two troops still missing in action – now believed to be prisoners,
being held by a - group of criminal thugs - not by enemy troops.
Noting you can't fight a war with a family of criminals. Instead
you track down each and everyone. Have a judge-jury, then jail.
Now with no heeling of the Bush, Rove foreign policy - where
they envisioned a war-of-the-world. Fighting terrorism without
uniforms or country boundaries. Like an Adolph Hitler – might
have. Rove continues to maintain that Bush, is fully engaged in
his day-to-day-functions at the White House and further opines
that Mr. George W. Bush reads a two-inch thick, assortment of
administration documents, each and everyday. Hardly possible,
with his next day type of speaking - when Bush - declares that,
"Our troops will stand-up, when the Iraqi troops, stand down."
Quite the opposite of us - standing down - when they stand-up.
Opps, guess Bush had a long nights sleep on page number-007.
In closing, they say imitation is the best form of flattery, except
in the case of Senator George Allen, (R), Va. First - Rove stole
George Allen's down-home, political-stick, routine for G. Bush
to use so W could run for governor of Texas, then for president.
To bad for Allen, all he got out of the deal was a number at the
back of the line for 2008. Of course, George A., got to be a guy
who gets his picture taken often with President Bush. Photo-op.
Now Virginia gets the comparison. For example, recall the cost
estimate of part D, Medicare. Allen did the same for new prison
building in Virginia – he over-stated the need & underestimated
the cost. Sound familiar? There's more. Allen, ran that state into
deficit spending with his unsound – conservative, fiscal dealings.
Just as Bush has now done to the entire country. So, Allen helped
the Republican's blueprint Bush's national-policy, of recklessness.
Reports by big news of Allen's popularity when state governor are
greatly exaggerated, at best. Iowa can have George Allen if they'll
take him – after being a Bush "yes-man" for 8-years. Virginia, has
gotten rid of his similar partner, in crime, Jim Gilmore, III. Law &
order Jim covered for George's legal short-comings as his attorney
general. Then he got his 4-year term as governor. Thus headed the
national RNC - and was present - for a front-row seat - at Pentagon
on September 11, 2001 – right along side Donald Rumsfeld. Allen
was somewhere, away from the fray, not unlike his clone - Geo., B.
Now all Senator Allen wants to do is avoid being in Va. – He's too
busy. It appears now he's bored with being a token senator. Instead
he's spending most of his time, traveling in private corporate planes,
on the republican primary circuit. Just recently, Allen was back into
Iowa – taking about when his mother - and coach-father, were there
before he was born. As if that made him more of an Iowa candidate.
Wonders never cease, hee-haw Allen - should try his hand at sports,
since that's all he wants to talk about – past tense - that is. Joe Gibbs
is a much better football coach anyway. Besides, it appears now that
a taxpayer has always carried George Allen around - like his mother.