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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Everyday is trick or retreat for Bush, Rove & GOP

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Title: Everyday is trick or retreat for Bush, Rove & GOP
Having tracked the grand old party's operational motives
since Bush and Mr. Rove entered onto the national scene
of political bylines, (2000) the three things that stand-out
to this solely (independent) voter is the trail of deception,
fraud and cronyism that follows behind these three dupes.
Everybody knows if you continue to race along, with your
eyes closed, you will eventually hit a concrete wall at 200
miles an hour. Apparently this Bush, has instructed Rover
to not let his political race-car ('00') administration, wreck
until 2008, or until they've hit the retirement bunkhouse in
Craw-fish, Tex-ass. More likely - some off-shore paradise
island around the Midway islands. Love those Monk seals.
If September 11, 2001 taught us anything – it's that leaders
of our own country are part of the problem, not our solution.
Freedom of information is paramount to an informed nation.
This administration has classified record numbers of history
related public documents. While reclassifying large amounts
of other, or previous, administrations. Particularly first Bush
administrational records, as well as, those of Reagan's office.
Hardly the mindset of defending the national security of this
country; or as Bush, Rove, GOP call it; the post 9-11-01 era.
Recalling that on September 10th, 2001, Rumsfeld declared
in a speech (paraphrasing) that it would take an example like
"Pearl Harbor" to wake up the entire country. Similarly - Mr.
John Ashcroft, (then attorney general) cut a funding request
for an increase in - terrorism funding. Nonetheless then NSA
head Ms. Rice, advised that the information that was relayed
by the out-going administration (Clinton) that al-Qaida was
a serious, (or on-going threat,) and recommended that Rice
relate that intel to all others in the new George Bush cabinet.
Rice later testified, but not under the requirement of an oath,
that she determined that prior administration's intel wasn't to
be re-established as a priory, at the same level - that her take
was that it was more important to focus on Russia & Europe,
rather than Osama bin Laden. "Historical" is often described
by (former NSA) Rice when quizzed about presidential daily
briefings relating to any (terror) discussion - placing failures,
in her opinion, however, on the prior administration. Kind of
like having her cake, and eating it to - or having it both ways.
In law, there's a term for that. It's called estoppel. Latin for an
argument where at first you hold one-side of an argument and
when to your advantage, you switch to the opposite side. This
switching is (prohibited) by law in court, but not U.S. politics.
That's when congress and conservative federal courts, declare
that it is up to the process of elections to correct contradictions.
However, any requirement that votes be counted during one of
those so-called correction-election-events, more-often-than not
receives only - lip service, with almost all legal efforts blocked
when evidence appears that allege that votes weren't processed
or correctly counted. In other words - protecting the most basic
right known in a free democratic process, the freedom to count.
Now Bush, Rove & GOP believe that it is more important, or to
their political advantage, wasting the taxpayer's money and time,
to have a Bush Iraq policy-statement, via non-binding resolution,
pseudo-debated in both the House and Senate. Rather than doing
people's business, as they're fond of saying. In-order to provide a
(political-prop) for the weak and fading, Republicans in this fall's
election, scheduled for this November. Where many are facing an
era, where Republican party members will likely be duly defeated
in many of those elections, or a majority of their re-election races.
Hopefully for their steadfast or blinding, oversight of Bush-follies.
Not to forget the 2,501 Amercan troops killed to-date in Iraq war.