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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Iraq, call the bank before cashing any Bush checks

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Title: Iraq, call the bank before cashing any Bush checks
Bush's Iraq war "agenda" is now consuming $275 million
American dollars per-day. More than enough for funding
programs that would help underprivileged children - kids
with cancer or youngsters without homes or even parents.
Many of those are now stuck between a rock and a hard
place - because of the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld Iraq war
"agenda" and all it's neo-con godless' 'conservative slant.
Noting that a 12-year-old Iraqi girl just completed UCLA
sponsored reconstructive surgery to repair her nose, after
a coalition missile struck her home, in northern Baghdad,
back in April '03. That attack also killed the girl's mother.
One ancient Chinese manual or, "The Art of War," states
that the best way to "win" a war, is "not to start it." Bush?
A Pentagon official once replied -- when asked why U.S.
military censored graphic footage from the Gulf War "If
we let people see [::] that kind of thing, then there would
never again be any war." Unfortunately far worse is now
being censored from the American public - via Pentagon
officials and Bush administration policy, as their agenda.
This does not excuse the current complicity nature of big
news agencies. Particularly 24-hour cable news networks
who report like sheep to every bucket of spin, handed out.
This manner, mode, has even infected our judicial system.
Conservative activist justices, daily, rewrite constitutional
law, or laws, that were put in place to protect, and defend,
individual rights, or now national security issues. Too bad,
so sad. What was found, is now lost. While millions worry
about the next paycheck or house payment. Living 1-week
away from the streets. That's Bush's robust economy. Alive
for the day, while all of his really rich friends spend money
for the moment or buying 1950's automobiles for $100,000.
Cars that originally cost less than one tenth of those dollars.
Let's see, if I take $100,000 out of the bank - for an estate
investment, say a 1957 Corvette, the GOP would tax-zero.
All while, average citizens struggle to pay for their homes,
which cost less than those rich GOP/Bush supporter's cars.
By George, he's got it, "Let's end the death-tax on estates."
Now it seems that W., is only focused on completing a 24
hour mission to Iraq. This last taxpayer-funded excursion,
or political photo-op, put him on the ground, in the green
zone, for about five and one-half hours. Added to his last
visit on turkey day back in 2003, or before 2004 elections,
he's now logged estimates of 12-hours of manly tuff-work.
Now he's back, just in the nick-of-time, for the '06 voting,
giving himself a gallop in the polls, of about four-percent.
Predicting that a slight, or 10K troop reduction will likely
occur in the following months or just before fall elections.
After which, Rumsfeld will likely require a redeployment
of those 10,000 troops; followed by an additional amount.
War may be hell, but it's certainly paying some big bucks.
While cat-bush was away the roving-mice did pray to the
special counsel prosecutor, now special prostitution-pimp
for the Bush administration. What can you say, they may
have made him a career-offer that he couldn't refuse. Just
cost him a little humble-pie, to let the spy-con Rove walk.
Down in Virginia, ole-cousin, Lou says that there'll be no
wedding today, and probably no more paper-trail election
ballots either. First the over-priced Department of Home-
land Security, couldn't get their paperwork done for about
10,000 U.S. citizens that are waiting for the department to
issue visa-forms for their foreign fiancées. (Homer Stokes
would have a few crosses to bear on that one) Meanwhile,
Homeland Security acknowledged their bureaucratic delay
calling it "certainly an inconvenience," then sent out more
forms to those same visa seekers. Info that now adds more
time to process along with all the information now waiting.
Freedom is just another way of saying take a number, next.
Ye old commonwealth now jumps ahead with big-helpings
of the federal "Help America Vote Act." Get back "Jo-Jo,"
Virginia's a right-to-die state, cooking to ban all marriages
not mentionable, (authorized by a republican minute-man)
so how does genealogy account for husband & wives, post
Adam and Eve? (meaning children's mates and off-spring)
Political history review, Congress in 2002 -- after the 2000
presidential election fiasco (Florida) authorized $69 million
federal tax-dollars for replacement of ie., punch cards, lever
and paper mechanical voting machines, with either optically
scanned or computer aided touch-screen state voting booths.
Only the majority of the touch-screen a la machines have no
actual paper ballot to backup the computer touch-method, on
a "case-to-case" basis or the need for any candidate's recount.
Further, Virginia now has a majority of these paperless-style
touch screens in place for it's upcoming pithy Senatorial race,
pitting Bush's "yes-man," against the Dem's Vietnam veteran.
Virginia's GOP majority-controlled General Assembly spent
a year "studying" the need for "paper-trails" and, "could not"
reach an "agreement" for any need to protect Commonwealth
voters from fraud, or hacking. (maybe after the 2008 election)
Likewise, the infamous heavily funded federal operation state,
re-districted in favor of their GOP candidates. Making Texas's
similar re-districting ploy appear as kindergarten level. Then a
neo-conservative 4-th Circuit Court of Appeals (federal) ok-ed
it – "as lawful" – as did the likewise U.S. Supreme Ct. under a
previous Republican appointed chief justice. (as 4-th overseer)
So that's the ball of wax folks – like Rome – it's hot enough to
meltdown anytime before 2008. GOP's on the highway-to-hell.
Just ask Ann (or is it Andy) Coulter - who's apparently been so
upset that some doctor, or her parents, decided she should wear
blue outfits, instead of pink-ones. Now she's just back in black?
Please God, less politics and religion, more goodwill & charity.
Speaking of music, I think the Dixie Chicks have the best song
playing today. Regardless of label. By heck - if no radio "jock"
is a-willing to play it – TOO BAD BUDDY – let those GOPers
croon you a few verses of "Shake Your Money Maker." Being
ashamed of a crook – is about as apple pie as it gets in this here
U. S. of A. Good golly, Ms. Molly, I doubt if any of those Bush
type, ill-regulars, best known as those Republican men, for just
a minute – could carry a tune on a fiddle or banjo, much less on
a six-shooter's gee-tar. Sure as heck don't have near the looks as
those three moms, musicians and friends to an American soldier.
Give me a T-for Texas, give me a T-for Tennessee. Give me a-T
for the three that sets Thelma & the 'ole Liberty girl free.(t.t.t.dc)