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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Conservatives always grind about (their) democracy

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Title: Conservatives always grind about (their) democracy
One thing for certain in politics, conservatives will always
have an axe to grind about "their" version of a democracy.
This shouldn't be confused with reality or individual rights.
Neither should any person confuse, conservative politics as
anything but conservative politics. Not conservative money
matters – or really conservative family matters. Especially a
need to avoid personal responsibilities, like estate taxes and
the personal right of home ownership - or property rights in
in legal circumstances where personal property is seized for
the "supposed" good of a community. Which turns out to be
just the opposite – or the financial profiteering of just a few.
Over 120 years ago American author Ralph Waldo Emerson
wrote the following opinion, "...conservatives are such from
personal defects. They have been effeminate by position or
nature, born halt and blind, through luxury of their parents,
and can only, like invalids, act on their own defensive." Not
that we conjure, or suppose, but that conservatives will now.
Emerson's observations of that day can still be readily noted
or do apply, to much of our present day politics. Particularly
conservative GOP ideals, or as exclaimed by administration
officials and party-mates, since the guise of contract – 1994.
With acceleration of those same exclamations for law. All as
under the disguise of what the US Constitution protects. Not
even close, upon closer review, or even remotely what rights
were intended to be protected or even as to how they're to be
preserved. Much less protected, under our Bill of Rights type
democratic society. Meaning freedom from an overt authority.
Nonetheless, conservatives persist with their pre-colonial drib
that they are, somehow, bestowed with the wisdom of heaven
and universal stars, and the rest of us are just sheep, bound to
follow their every autocratic whim, kingly wish or dizzy fault.