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Saturday, June 03, 2006

What if Bush's terror agenda, is just about reclaiming land?

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Title: [story & arrangement (c) 2006 news-flash-we-blog]
What if Bush's terror agenda, is just about reclaiming land?
It's kind of like getting caught outside during a sudden rain
storm. You first wonder why me Lord, then you remember
you left your umbrella in the office, at home, or in your car.
Meaning that you had planned for such an unexpected event
via the purchasing of an umbrella – but, other factors allured
you into the mindset of - it's not gonna to happen to me, and
low and behold, you're caught there dripping from raindrops.
Which brings us back to the topic of the day. What if Bush's
terror agenda is just about reclaiming land? Pass it off to the
school of weird theories, but there is a land connection to all
of the Bush administration's agenda. Start with 09-11-01 and
then the Iraq war. Mix in a little Hurricane Katrina - add land
inheritance, or estate taxes. Garnish with National Forest and
public wet-lands. Cook all together at 590 degrees of warning
environment and you have Poppa Bush's version of American
pie. Not to be confused with Texas cow-pies, hats, or cowboy
booties. Top it off with state of sour cream, whipped up as old
yellow amendment, banning certain people from - inheritance.
In particular property, homes or our other finite resource, land.
Then put a half-dozen of conservative plums, with a legal rule
that allows big-corporations to reclaim land just for a business
on top, let sit till it withers. Then cut it in squares, like a fence,
serve it up with a patriot punch, or minute maid drink - to men.
(noting that Cheney energy pact requires baking with only gas)
Just a Martha Steward knows how bad this mix likely turns out.
First of all, recent big news reports revealed to us all, that a (99)
year lease at the World Trade Center cite - has been broken. It's
now under the full authority of the "New York Port Authority."
So now with all of those old business records, destroyed, 9-11,
it's a fresh start toward millions, if not billions, for a select few.
Then along comes Iraq, a war with no logical rhyme or reason.
Simply a just because, or trust-me, motive of the worst kind. It
now appears. However Monday, May 29, the Chicago Tribune
reported that the United States has been working, night and day,
building a really huge American Embassy on Iraq land property.
Not unusual under peaceful conditions, but rare under war time,
and a period where troops are under supplied and over extended.
The report goes on to describe the embassy as a 104-acre place
that is roughly the size of the Vatican, or a mini-state. Will have
its own power generators, pumps for water and sewage only for
just U.S. embassy use. Other words independent U.S. properties.
Note - what if - at the end of the day - all that is accomplished in
Iraq is - the Rumsfeld model took-out one thug, only to have him
replaced with several? Either way - civilians are still being killed.
Before 2003, Iraqis knew their threat, but had water & electricity.
Hurricanes in general displace people, or property. If federal help
is not timely, as it has not been since 2000, many people just give
up, sell cheap or at a lose, and move on to another city or location.
More often than not large areas of hurricane ravished land are thus
able to be purchased by a corporate land speculator, or a developer.
Making that end result; a group of condominiums, hotels and malls.
The other land grabs, or land snatches, now explain for themselves.