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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

No Fear Veterans, Bush & Cheney are on the trail

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Title: No Fear Veterans, Bush & Cheney are on the trail
Talk about periods of history that could be best described
as one with little or no personal security. Today big news
confirms that the lagging, federal department of Veterans
Affairs has compromised personal & private information
of at least 26.5 million U.S. veterans. All with one swipe
of the hand. Makes one wonder, and now to question - as
how safe all private citizen data really is under this group
of political administrators - who have been, from the start
less than candid with the American people & lax with law.
We all now know that the only information being guarded
is the massive amounts of overly classified documents that
protect only the guilty in the majority party & their donors.
Along with all of their "no-bid" corporate contract lobbyist
friends and comrades in the military defense industry. Now
consolidated, with federal agency approval, to a position of
an almost total single industry monopoly. Leaving minimal
chance of any other companies entering into any bidding in
current defense contracts – in particular, the Bush Iraq war.
All the while leaving troops, and now all veterans, spinning
in the wind of despair, and not for any win, which is now as
much in doubt as it was, during the pre-2003 drum beat, for
all the reasons given. That we all now know, were just not a
true assessment of their intelligence information available in
2003. Not unlike all the reasons, excuses why, data is stolen,
warrant-less wire-tapping continues to occur. Like the dodge
that occurred during this administration's transition period of
2000, where advice & intel that was given to cabinet workers
as to the threat the country faced prior to September 11, 2001.
If one was a police detective searching for motive of a crime,
one would simply look to who benefited most, financially or
in a power structure sense, from the events of 9/11. One who
had to hit the trail, moving from a nice secure cave? Or those
that got money in bags, suitcases and future contracts? Not to
mention all the unchecked power of a majority political party
hell-bent on turning history back to the 1970's - or to before?
Just think, we couldn't muster enough states to support equal
rights for women - but with the aid of religion - we may now
be able to add constitutional amendment, that will take rights
away from some. It appears, a coward-in, the court will agree
that the administration is free to do as it pleases -- until 2008?