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Saturday, May 20, 2006

General Hayden takes the cake & hacks civil rights

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Title: General Hayden takes the cake & hacks civil rights
If - you feel like 4-star General Hayden’s raining on your
cake - besides him tracking all phone calls on this planet,
you’re not home alone. The most common excuse is that,
well - we all talked to a lawyer, before proceeding. Bless
the beans. If that’s the extent of an obligation to your oath
then you might be more of a service to the country with a
new career in the fast-food industry - an honorable career.
People got to eat, right? Some are just, so stressed, they’ll
over-eat most of the time. Now, General Hayden, says we
shouldn’t be talking about the CIA and the news shouldn’t
be writing about the topic. Talk like that’s just plain crazy.
Hardly the right stuff to protect a free and fair democracy.
Hayden seems to forget that the freedom born in this USA
came from private citizens who fought first -- without any
need of a uniform – much less – a few trinkets of star flair.
In addition, the mindset of “everything’s secret” from the
voting public is kind of like buying some real-estate land
without the benefit of seeing it. Trust me is just an excuse
line well worn into the congressional lane to the restroom.
Get this, even in international calls where one party is not
outside the United States, that name still becomes part of
NSA departmental records, even if it turns out, that caller
wasn’t doing anything related to national security concern?
According to standing procedure under the law, all they’re
required to do is insert a number for the name, and to place
the number-key list in another file. So when that notation is
listed in the recorded call, you’ll see an ID number, instead
of the original caller name. However, one would only have
to go to the key-list file and cross-reference the name with
the replacement number and then you have the name of the
original caller – and to whom or where any call was placed.
Might be handy to know if someone like, Karl Rove or, VP
Dick Cheney thought, politically opposed to either’s method,
was important enough agenda to leak a CIA agent’s identity?
What’s with the Senate these days? Seems like one says yes
and another says no. Then one says stop & the other says go.
Under that premise of disagreement, just for the sake of the
grand old party now taking total advantage of senate rulings
that allows committee chairpersons to run ruff-shod over all
of the minority party members, a disagreement between two
made the big newsprint. Senators Russ Feingold and Arlen
Spector had a little tit-for-tat over the size of the committee
meeting room. Noting that Senator Spector is the Chairman
of the Judiciary Committee that allowed the last 2, Supreme
Court nominees to “pass-go” without any serious challenges.
Senator Russ Feingold on the other hand, is the lone senator
that fully understands how bad both Patriot Act I & II really
are and that this President is one that doesn’t believe in laws
that holds control over his job title, or lawful political parties.
With that said, Feingold states that he believes, that it would
be bad for the country to impeach Bush, as law allows, but it
may be better, under international conditions, to just censure
him. Now that’s a guy with a large & forgiving heart, if you
ask any of us. In our opinion, jail-time would be too kind for
all of the crimes that lead us into the present war in Iraq and
for all of those now dead, or crippled for life. Besides, if Mr.
Spector, Y’, 007-Bond-James Bond, really understood equal
rights, he would have held in a proper sized room & blocked
any bill that would discriminate against, any - from all voting.
Sadly, Mary Cheney thinks her rich dad is a fair & thoughtful
guy, despite of the fact that he would undermine all happiness
in their family, if it came down to a constitutional amendment.

Do we have a Congress that would hold imminents to a higher
standard of law that they – themselves -- do not wish to obey?