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Thursday, May 18, 2006

We blog the rain, parks, law, orders, war & peace

Title: We blog the rain, parks, law, orders, war & peace
This last week has certainly brought forth the big news'
images of floods and rain damage for many of the good
people of the New England states. Our hearts, go out to
all now in turmoil and in need of emergency assistance.
Likewise, big news print reports – now – that last month
was the "warmest April on the record" for the U.S., with
an average increase in temperature of 4.5 degrees on the
Fahrenheit scale. Noting, droughts in the south and S.W.
If you're a thug, a crook, or just can't obey the law – you
have no business in government, and you have no one to
blame but yourself, your political party & your President.
With the echoes of Rumsfeld's commencement speech at
the Virginia Military Institute, VMI, or the military brats,
one former graduate – from the Vietnam War era, opined
during a protest of the Iraq War and Secretary Rumsfeld's
visit, stating a personal disapproval of Don's performance
with a comment that, "Rumsfeld is a military moron." His
words were harsh, tempered perhaps only by Rum's deeds.
Often it has been written that all is fair in love & war, with
concern now given to all those that now appear to love war.
To whom it may concern the neo-conservatives of this Iraq
hundred-years war; Rove, Cheney, Rice; and now monitors
of all of our phone numbers, or billing records. Yes, billing
records. Where else do you get the phone number called, or
the number that the call was placed from? Remember those
"Whitewater" billing records & all of the GOP hoopla then?
In this particular spot - peace of mind - could be the slant or
spin of the day. Blog-wise and a penny short, to paraphrase
or modernize one Ben Franklin, a.k.a., Sirus Dogood letters.
Colonial blogger, of sorts, for that constitutional challenged
era, not to mention his concern for citizen rights to the truth
and independence from tyrannical government leaders. Ben
apparently foresaw lighting in many forms rather than a sky.
Which brings us to - peace of mind - for families of 9/11/01.
Captain of the ship George W. Bush's moment of confusion
and of complete disorder, or wandering chaos. Not as those
in this administration would have you to believe, otherwise.
That they were, somehow, out-witted or out-foxed, by rank
amateurs doing re-runs of a long forgotten, McGyver show,
or in this case, another TV adventure or a Hollywood movie.
Instead, our department heads trot-out an extremely blurred
video-tape, (with-held for over four years) that leaves more
to question, that it adds to any answers – in the form of any
closure for a generous public, world, or the 9/11 families.
Nonetheless and additionally, only adds to that theory that it
wasn't an airplane that hit the Pentagon, and that there was a
series of explosions to boot. Unlike the purported method or
case – still championed by the Pentagon and now Homeland
Security. To which & adding, as Sprocket & Gizmo believed
yes, the moon is made out of cheese, and if we could just get
there we would never be hungry again. Don't forget crackers.
In spite of any added eye-witness accounting -- which by the
way – was discounted when reports of what hit those WTC's
became problematic to FOX news reports - including reports
of an explosion at the Pentagon, being reported first, then the
later reports of an airplane. In particular Flight-77, which had
as a passenger a GOP media personality -- Ms. Barbara Olsen.
In closing - those black-boxes were not shown for three-days,
more time than necessary to decide - if - they should be found.
With modern day wonders of DNA - it could prove interesting
to study what the crash-site in Pennsylvania disclosed, number
wise, or the totals of different types, DNA Lincoln's tomb also.
Appears to be big-business - as usual - at U.S. Supreme Court.
The neo-conservative justice Clarence Thomas led the court to
a decision that, in effect, said the small patent holder company
in conservative Virginia had no rights to refuse tech-giant eBay
the use of it's lawful patent on "Buy It Now," reversing a lower
appeal's court ruling citing eBay's patent infringement problem.
Under, when democracy comes to America & then the middle
east administrational agenda. You have the right to remain as
a silent, single male. Robert Ray - the GOP's - special counsel
investigator of the Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton blue's dress
affair (affectionately referred to as the, devil in the blue dress)
has been arrested on a complaint charge, that he stalked his 40
year old Manhattan girlfriend. Ray, 46, works as a white-collar
defense attorney out of a New Jersey office. Here's to -- fun in
the big apple city, eh, Ray. You could have played cards in DC.