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Friday, December 01, 2006

President George Bush - Mr. Mean & Vindictive?

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Title: President George Bush - Mr. Mean & Vindictive?
At a recent White House meeting for incoming Senators,
Congressmen & women, President cornered one of them
in a side hallway and asked, "How's your boy?" Meaning,
how's your son doing in Iraq – Bush's domain as the head
decider – the Commander-in-Chief of all things war, etc...
To which the Senator replied, "Bring them home..." with a
respective close of, "...Mr. President." Which apparently is
something Mr. Bush didn't want to hear. Meaning bring all
the troops home – now. So, while all of this is quaint & big
news for "big news" reporters – we here see it as only more
evidence that Mr. Compassionate Conservative is just – Mr.
Mean and Vindictive. When it comes to others personal and
private matters. In particular, if a family member is serving
in a Bush imposed combat zone. Bar-none. Why expect any
public official, who has not served – to conduct themselves
otherwise, especially this President? So in a sense, Bush got
maybe his first view of American reality when he tried to be
a wise-ass with a former combat-decorated Vietnam veteran.
Recent rumblings in the news, indicate that the John McCain
method of losing a war if not more lives, may be at a point of
implementation. McCain, is the Republican Senator from AZ,
and is campaigning for the GOP's '08 presidential nomination.
His theory, about Iraq, is all we need is more troops sent there.
Interesting similarity to Vietnam's era, where McCain himself,
spent many years in a North Vietnamese prison camp. History
repeats only for those, whom the lessons of the past are never
learned. In this case, Sen. McCain, and his merry band of war
lords. After all it won't be any of Senator McCain's kids in the
line of fire. Certainly none of from this administration's either.
It now appears quite certain that the military is planning to add
another 25,000 troops to the Iraq conflict. An apparent attempt
to make a "last stand" in taking back control of Iraq's Baghdad
city territory. Possibly to take more direct & aggressive action
against those groups now deemed as attacking all others in that
region. With reports now likely being leaked by this W.H. that
reflects this administration's inability to deal with that regional
conflict, the difficulties with different warring religious groups,
it likewise appears that any increase in troops will only result in
much more death & destruction, both for US troops, and Iraqi's.
Thus, leaving the entire country in a much worse condition than
if we had completely pulled-out, yesterday. Which we should do
today. Then the Iraqi general population could wake up and thus
realize where exactly, blame should be placed for civilian deaths.
To which leaders & toward which groups. Now, not being totally
without a means of self-defense, granted meager in some areas, it
would still be more likely, than not, that the Iraqi people could do
what 140,000 American troops have thus far been unable to moot,
the seemly never ending, and increasing, Iraqi death & destruction.
Not to over shadow, senseless waste of American troops & money.
Along with dozens of news journalist - and countless civilian lives.