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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Why we can't afford another – GOP majority Congress

Title: Why we can't afford another – GOP majority Congress
Today is the Friday before election Tuesday. In our view, it's
a defining moment in American political history – if not U.S.
direction. It has finally become obvious to a majority of us all
that the Bush administration has mislead and thus misdirected
this country from the first moment of stepping into office. All
decisions or the so-called Bush agenda, have benefited nary a
middle-class worker – either male or female, and have instead
enriched the already bloated bank accounts of the corporations
and many Republican lobbyist friends. Not to mention majority
party members themselves. Fortunately – many are now in jail,
with many more pending similar fates. Corruption has abound
in the majority controlled Republican Congress. Do we need a
change in leadership? I would vote so. Because I think & pray
so – as an Independent voter – not necessarily as a Democratic
party member. So in my way of thinking, the only way to slow
the Grand Old Party's unlimited corruption and war machine, is
to vote for each and every Democratic candidate on the ballet in
this Tuesday's election, November 7-th, 2006. A day in history.
Two concerns about the upcoming vote, as well as, the voting
tabulation. My view is the Republicans cannot win a majority
of either the House or the Senate, if all the voters that show up
are allowed to rightfully vote – and importantly – all the votes
that are cast – are counted. In particular, those states that have
a predictably close race – and a major use of electronic voting
machines. As we have all witnessed since the election of 2000,
any election confusion, has benefited the Republican candidate.
As such, it should be no surprise, when on Tuesday night, some
election results will linger with vote counting or count confusion.
It can be no other than the Karl Rove method, or his election plan.
Voter fraud, or vote tampering should be a serious criminal crime
and thus there should be paper evidence to imprison those that do
it. This reasoning makes it clear why Republicans oppose elections
where your vote is counted as you wished it to be, and as you cast
it on election day. This election is a start to take back our country
from the political cronyism of the past six-years of the Republican
mindset of no-oversight, no-spending restraints and incompetence
as majority management. Time to just say "no" to "Republicans" in
either the House of Representatives or in control of the U.S. Senate.
Please – only you can make a change – get out and vote – Nov. 7-th.
Attention all voters. It could be a good day to part Bush's red state(s).
A last minute side note to the military crew in Iraq that appears to

think that Senator John Kerry (D) Mass., was joking about the troops
instead of President Bush. Here's what they printed-out on a large news
To which we reply, "HIF U KALL W – KALL M – KOLECT"
Besides, with the Pentagon now reviewing all blogs out of Iraq -- you all
might want to save that banner, and start looking for a bottle big enough
to put it in – for an emergency. After all, this President doesn't think any
of you people need to come home before, at least, 2008. Don Rumsfeld's
of likewise – mindset. Plus he's thinks troops should stay until the job is
done – apparently – if that means some of you doing 10-tours. Even if a
total victory happens this Tuesday (i.e., Dems win both House & Senate)
Senator Kerry would be unlikely able to convince this President to bring
any troops home in 2007. Sorry, if you wanted to fly home sooner. Start
flapping your arms – now. If not – get up tomorrow – flatten - the whole
damn place. Then declare the mission accomplished--- then head west....