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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why the cornerstone of Democracy is the right to vote

Title: "Why the cornerstone of Democracy is the right to vote"
Tuesday is truly "D" day in America. Yes there are those that
would conservatively remind of that historical day in June '45.
Rightfully so – D – for Democracy, and unfortunately also, 'd
for the many that died then – defending our Democracy. Now
the Republicans would have you believe - that only "they" can
defend us. Meaning defending, "Democracy." That is – not so.
Instead, the majority of those conservative Republican pundits
have never defended this country – in any way, shape or form.
Instead they have chosen, having the freedom to do so, of just
protecting themselves, their taxpayer funded jobs, and all their
big-moneyed corporate friends & partisan political party mates.
You see that's the beauty of – Democracy – it protects all of us.
Even those that would do it – and others – harm. Just to remain
in a position of power, or control. Just take a few moments and
watch the news returns during this Tuesday's election. It's going
to be a disgusting display of greed, corruption and manipulation
of voters – and of votes. It's already started in states where they
vote early, or in situations where absentee voting has been used.
It has been my opinion, since the U.S. Supreme Court decision
of 2000, that Republicans cannot win an election without, first,
suppressing voters, and then causing confusion in the counting
of the votes that were cast. We all witnessed it in Ohio in 2004.
Why else would you have computerized voting machines, with
software that nobody is allowed to see, check, or verify? Only,
one reason comes to mind. That type of process benefits 1- side
more than it does the other. If so – then that makes it criminal in
nature – and criminal in it's intent. A premeditated vote counting
crime. Where's the Department of Justice, or our GOP appointed
Attorney General? Sitting on the sidelines, that's where. Not on
the side of law & order, as they would have you now believe. I
cannot envision where standing around at a polling station with
a donut in one hand. and a cup of coffee in the other, protects a
single vote. Do you actually think, or believe, that the integrity
of any process can be fair if there is nothing to check the votes
against? That's like allowing the bank to add & subtract from a
checking account just on an ATM system, without any receipt,
and just on their "word." Yes sir-re , I've got some ocean-front
property for sale in Arizona – if you want a big load of manure.
Protecting Democracy means protecting each & every vote first
and each & every individual citizens right to cast a private ballot.
Any other method is not Democracy, and certainly not American.
Vote this Tuesday, for this country – protect voter freedoms first.
Remember a veteran's name on the way to the voting booth. Vote
the bums out that take any troops into war, under a false premise
and for self-preservation, and would scare others by political fear.
If you think we need four more years of war, thousands more dead
or injured – add another $300 billion in cost, then vote Republican.
Then when they come for you – you can rest assured, that I didn't.