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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Poetic Justice: Virginia Republicans want re-count

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Title: Poetic Justice: Virginia Republicans want re-count
[Note – this article was written early in the afternoon &
it was projected & announced at 8:45 pm that Allen lost]
What a paradoxical political state we live in today – Just
six years ago – Democrats wanted all the votes, counted
in Florida, but the Republicans went to court, in order to
stop any re-count. Now that incumbent Senator Allen (R)
Virginia – is on his political deathbed – the Republicans
in his campaign are screaming slogans like, "count all the
votes." My, how time makes the heart grow fonder. Allen
re-elect worker, Frank Donatelli, advises Allen to "afford
yourself all of the remedies of Virginia law." Why not, he
nor his party will pay for most of it. Va. taxpayers will pay
the extended election bill. Besides Allen's Senate loss was
not the closest. Montana was decided by a smaller margin.
But, don't tell George Felix Allen that. He's suddenly got a
new dose of re-count religion, if not the conservative blues.
You know the tune, "I hurts so bad...I can't spell glad ...oh...I
hurts so bad...nobody loves me, but my mama, & sometimes
I think she's jiving me I've got 'dem 'ole re-election
commonwealth ...where's foot-ball?"
"Oh well, I can't dance & my legs are thin..." Maybe now we
will learn the "secret" to re-counting electronically cast votes.
Virginia Republicans are quick & fast to remind the national
crowd – the whole world's watching – and news media crew,
that this is practically a routine in the Commonwealth. With a
recent election for Governor going to a Democrat, but a GOP
Attorney General candidate edging out the "dem" by just 350.
Go figure – and the Democratic candidate for attorney general
did just that – figuring that something was rotten in Denmark,
with regards to GOP vote counts. Not a surprise, though, when
a Virginia judge only allowed a very "selective" re-count to go
ahead. Meaning that not all voter precincts were allowed to be
re-counted – with many just re-canvassed and not "re-counted."
That's just one of the "remedies" afforded to the Senator-elect
Webb's side of the victory – under contradictory Virginia law.
But then Geo. Allen knows full well, about all the paradoxes
of Virginia laws. Having been, one of the great "deciders" of
revised Virginia law, during his tenure as the Commonwealth
of Virginia – Governor. More like the Mel Brooks character
in "Blazing Saddles" – played by Brooks himself, the "GOV."
Who quipped, "Give them ...these lieu of pay...".
To which we now present to loser Allen, here's your paddle.
Congratulations to Senator-elect James "Jim" Webb – amen.