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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Is Bush looking to hide blame for his Iraq policy?

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Title: Is Bush looking to hide blame for his Iraq policy?
With only two-full years left in his Presidency, G. Bush
appears to be looking for a person, place – or election to
lay blame for his entire Iraq war policy. Which is quite a
lot to shovel. With the recent negative comments by the
neo-conservative architects of Bush's plan, then the drop
kick of Secretary of Defense, Rumsfeld, it would appear
that Bush's heard their criticism of his Iraq war execution
and is doing some fast pedaling. In order to offset failures
that will clearly be deemed historical and blights on Bush
foreign policy decisions. Yes, the great-decider, may now
be in hyper-drive to become, the great-shredder of records.
Enter – Ollie North. Since it likewise appears that Bush Jr.
only has presidential history as far back as 'dear-old-dad it
might be something relevant to see how long it takes Ollie
to enter the picture. Through a visit to the White House, or
a call from Mr. President himself to North's Fox news line.
After all the election's hurricane like fall-out, conservative
talking heads are now jabbering willy-nilly about jumping
off the Bush fire-wagon. Further the demise of Geo. Allen
in his recent senatorial re-election bid, spells doom for the
neo-conservative movement of the Republican party in '08.
Leaving the fate of the GOP, squarely in the hands of hand
wringer – Senator John McCain (R) Arizona, who has not
been untouched, politically, by Bush's handling of Iraq war
decisions – if not engineering. With McCain being pro-war.
If you survive the battle itself, it may be the pause that gets
you in the aftermath. Bush's Iraq plan has now placed great
strain on our economy, if not our future. Our next generations
as well. Bush's war plan – it appears – intended, in part, to put
such a priority on U.S. treasury funds, that entitlement funding
would be left to whither on the vine. Social Security Retirement
& Medicare – being the first two victims of any GOP cash flow
re-allocations – followed by Social Security Disability benefits.
In the US Supreme Court decision of 2002, "Commissioner v.
Walton" – Bush's appointed Commissioner of Social Security
argued successfully to that court that the administration's case
was saving Social Security $80 billion over a ten-year period.
Which meant in reality or layman's terms, was denying or thus
preventing disability payments to qualified applicants to a tune
of $80 billion dollars. Passing, instead, the cost on to state and
local governments. Not unlike Bush's 'no-child-left-behind' act.
Making Bush's Iraq war machine – powered by burning dollars.
This folks appears to be Bush & Rove's use for Clinton surplus.
Meaning if it's tied-up in a corporate military-industrial budget
that's too-complex to understand, ie., oversight, Sen. Warner-R
Virginia, then it's easier to deny federal-aid to the masses or for
any hurricane disaster prevention. Less to poverty, education or
any handicapped, disabled, and incapacitated individual citizens.
Making the concept of compassionate conservatism just a "con."