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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jerry Garcia, Joe Liberman, George Allen & Google

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Title: Jerry Garcia, Joe Liberman, George Allen & Google
Update: (10-th of August - 4:10 AM) Early morning news
reports that US national security alerts have been raised to
the highest level, red, due to an alleged terror plot claimed
as folded by British authorities. No, not the Royal families
telephones being tapped. More Bondish planes and people.
The timing, just after Karl Rove called Joe Liberman with
political help after Joe's Democratic primary loss last night.
Further White House spokesman Tony Snow and the head
of the RNC, Ken – no Barbie, both stated on big news that
if any Democrat became elected in this fall's election we'd
have another 9-11 event. Implying, that only a Republican
can save us from another. Which - by the way – happened
on their neo-con watch, not the other party. Threats, plots
and cronyism existed before 2001, as it continues to now.
Former President Dwight D., warned this nation in 1950's
about the danger of the threat of the big-oil corporate part
of his own party. 9-11 & Katrina now show us why. FDR
likewise said, 'the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.'
With just a few more months till the November elections,
the Republicans, facing defeat, will use anything related
to fear defensively, news alert. Personally, I don't want a
member of Bush's gang watching my back anymore. Just
as he did in 2001. Some protection, huh? Safe in Iraq too.
Rove appears to love a good political horror show -- only
in the news, about someone else. He's no lone ranger or a
superman – just a paid political hacket-man. Fear is a tool
in his re-election bag. Expect the news, from now to next
election day -- to read like a chapter out of a Steven King
novel, edited by Rove Republicans. Helped by new alerts.
Expect statements and news like "the sky is falling." Only
your vote for a Republican can assure your safety. Recall
that with October, comes Halloween. Spooks, ghost-stuff.
[composed before the 5:00 PM east coast cable news cycle]
Remembering the guitarist and singer of the Grateful Dead
band. On this day in 1995, Jerry Garcia vacated his post as
one of the icons of the tie-dye 60's musical renaissance. He
was perhaps lesser known in some circles, as the Zen-banjo
player of a group of seasoned pros, "Old & In The Way." It
came alive during the bicentennial period of 1976. At least
it did for me. When rockers and hippie-types woke to find a
grass-roots awakening in the form of a traditional American
genera – called "old-time" or "bluegrass." Jerry was right at
home playing on his five-string acoustic banjo - even though
Jerry had an (index-finger missing) on his right picking hand.
Kind of like a dog, with just three-legs, I suppose. But fast as
the music went, Jerry picked right along. Grinning at the likes
of a Pete Rowan, or his close picking buddy - David Grisman.
"Old & In The Way," lives on. Calling themselves "Old, Grey,
and in the way." Jerry played steel-guitar too. On Crosby, Stills
Nash & Young," Jerry twanged out on "Teach Your Children."
Remembering the guitarist & singer of the Grateful Dead Band.
What a long and strange political career it has been for Liberman,
from a vice-presidential candidate to a presidential contender and
now - an unemployed senator in search of a job – if not a political
party. You're a free man now Joe. No political gardens to hoe and
no obligations to another voice than you're own. Of course it does
come at a price - first a loss in the party primary in front of a cable
audience – and then a bigger loss of income, ie., campaign funding.
Never-you-mind, though, Joe – you're a free man. Getting back up
from that fall. It's going to be tough, but you can make independent
decisions now. Just you and your conscious. About judges and war.
Sometimes it's hard to tell one George from another. Kind of like,
which came first, the Allen or the Bush -- a chicken, egg question.
This is too easy. Allen could be the chicken and Bush could be the
egg – or visa versa. Here we try to determine who-hatched-who in
the political sense, that is. It has to be creepy having either as dad,
much less as spouse. So much for the virtue of that marriage thing.
Maybe there is something to that love is blind theme. In their case,
add a pinch of deaf and dumb. With apologies to the handicap and
the disabled. Being a member of both. Not forgetting incapacitated.
Thinking back it was the solemn marriage contract that killed Terri
Schiavo. You know the drill, once you sign that contract, your right
to live is in the hands of the better-half. For better, or worse - that is.
Interesting period, and question. Both George's were for Terri living
with her parents under "whatever" conditions. Liberman also, I think.
Garcia? He could relate to love, divorce, conflict and possibly, coma.
However, the three-politicians steered clear of the marriage question.
The undying commitment of a civil union, versus a church's blessing.
Instead, they politicized it as a fight-for-life. It was more than that. It
was, instead, a simple, but legal constitutional question concerning an
individual's right of personal freedom. Just a civil right guaranteed at
birth by the Constitution - as within the Bill of Rights. Nonetheless, it
became parlayed into something different, by band-wagon politicians
seeking to elevate their "marriage" agenda or their anti-women's right
to decide about the care and welfare of their own bodies. Both courts,
state or federal, had an obligation to protect the least protected first, in
this case, Terri, not just the husband, who had greater protection in all
the courts. Himself and his lawyers. Under the law the court's mandate
is to protect those that have the least ability to present, and the most to
lose. Illustrating why politicians of both parties, sometimes, just don't
get it. Where it be individual rights, personal contracts, or about a war.
Sometimes it's hard to tell one politician from another. Like - the Allen
or the Bush – the Delay – Newt, or Liberman, or chicken, egg question.
Just imagine either of the George's supporting equal rights in marriage.
Same reason Senator G. Allen shouldn't be a winner this fall's election.
Bush could be the chicken, and Allen could be egged and unemployed.
First there are copyrights, but in the matter of "google" there's wrongs.
Google, somehow believes they have some divined internet right to do
whatever they please. In this case violate real & valid copyrights of all
authors, etc., by "book-scanning." In Google's for-instance, it's more a
book-scamming deal. Along with such university libraries as Harvard,
Michigan, Stanford, and now the University of California – Google is
hell-bent on by-passing any and all, author copyrights, by appealing to
the storage owner. In this case university libraries. Google acting more
like a demented hacker on steroids, rather than a responsible corporate
partner – continues to illegally amass millions of books into a privately
held corporate "digital form" - a felony by any stretch of the word law.
But as in the matter of "Microsoft" infidelities, Department of Justice's
too busy logging where private citizens "search" on Google, rather than
being concerned with what copy-laws are being broken by Google Corp.
[one brief addition after the 5:00 PM east coast cable news cycle+6 hrs]
While art may be in the eye of the beholder, perception certainly is held
tightly by our big cable news networks. Especially when it comes to any
type of political analysis. Georgia's Democratic House of Representative
primary loser Congress-lady Cynthia McKinney may not be all paranoid.
Read this excerpt from article titled "AIPAC's Hold"
by ARI BERMAN [posted online on July 29, 2006] (paragraph 12 & 13)
"...Not surprisingly, most in Congress see far more harm than reward in
getting in the Israeli lobby's way. ("There remains a perception of power
and fear that AIPAC can undo you,") says James Zogby, president of the
Arab American Institute. [----] He points to the defeats of Representative
Paul Findley and Senator Charles Percy in the 1980s and Representatives
Cynthia McKinney and Earl Hilliard in 2002, when AIPAC steered large
donors to their opponents.[...]" Link to complete URL article post below: